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We offer an equipment hire service for some of the more specialist equipment, as you may appreciate with years of experience in the industry we have a vast amount of equipment to facilitate underwater filming - some of it quite unique.

Below are details of a few of our hire items please get in touch for prices and advice on anything else.


LAMA Bubble Helmet

These are the only helmets where the entire head of the diver/presenter can be seen through 360 degrees. The Bubble Helmet can be operated with either self contained or surface supply apparatus and various communications systems can be added. The Bubble Helmet will only be hired to those whom we have trained to use it and it is mandatory that one of our supervisors/technicians accompany the Helmet when it is working.

The Diveways Full Face Mask. 

I first came across this mask when we were filming Pacific Abyss in 2007. I spoke to Mike deGruy before we rendezvoused in Guam and he said that he had a surprise for me. I had been working on developing lip sync mask masks for presenters for sometime and I guessed that the surprise had something to do with this. I was right. I was sitting in the foyer of the Hotel in Guam, Asahi beer in hand, when Mike arrived, walked up behind me and dropped a bag into my lap. It contained the Diveways mask. I was immediately impressed with the build quality and more to the point it was pretty much what I had been aiming at during all those hours in my workshop. I dived with it the following day and my time underwater with it confirmed my earlier impressions. It had to be the best bit of kit around for an underwater presenter to do pieces to camera with full lip sync.

  We used the mask a bit on Pacific Abyss, not a lot but enough to give me a good idea of what the mask was all about. The next big production with which I was involved was “Oceans” and right from the outset I pushed to use the Diveways mask. The production eventually  bought 4 but had them made in blue silicon. (Mike's mask was black rubber)

They looked great. During the 14 months of filming Oceans I supervised hundreds of dives with the Diveways mask. I serviced all 4 after every shoot. I made a number of suggestions to the manufacturers for modifications all of which were carried out. Since then I have used the mask on a great number of shoots including (Autumn Watch live with Simon King and?????) the One Show live from the London Aquarium with Miranda Krestovnikoff. 

Diveways masks can be hired from Dave Blackham at Esprit Film and Television but if you need some assistance in the form of a Diving Contractor or Diving Supervisor, keep in mind that I probably know these masks better than any man on the planet.

RSL Lip Sync Mask This is an AGA Divator mask specially and extensively modified so that the underwater presenter can record a piece to camera with lip sync. The oral nasal assembly has been removed and a flat plate fitted so that the whole face is visible. A LAMA flushing mechanism takes care of carbon dioxide build up. We have a lot more information about this mask so please ask. It is mandatory that one of our supervisors/technicians accompany this mask when it is working.


AGA Divator II
This is one of the easiest and safest full face masks around. It can be fitted with a variety of communications so that the presenters voice can be recorded or so that the team are in voice communication with each other.

EXO 26
This is a bit of a halfway house between the lightweight AGA and the considerably heavier Kirby Morgan Band Masks and Helmets. It is quite easy to swim in it and it has a good “Commercial” look about it.
Bauer Junior Compressor
The Bauer Junior is a lightweight petrol driven compressor that can deliver air up to 225 bar.We have chosen Bauer in preference to lower cost compressors because, by implication, a portable compressor is going to be used in remote locations where reliability is a priority. It is supplied with both “A” clamp and DIN adaptors.

Farallon Mk7-E DPV
There are many diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs or Underwater Scooters) around but many are little more than toys.
The Farallon is the real thing. Built to US Military Specification it is capable of over 2 knots and has a duration of up to 60 minutes. It can be used to transport personnel or a camera can be mounted on it for exciting POVs. The Farallon is visually exciting in its own right—every budding James Bond should have one! We have two.

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