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Kingfisher of Baltiza

"Kingfisher of Baltiza” is a Colin Archer type Bermudan ketch. She is an Eric Class vessel designed by William Aitkin in the 1920s and is the sister to Sir Robin Knox-Johnstons “Suhaili”, the boat in which he accomplished the first non-stop circumnavigation.

“Kingfisher” is 32’ (plus 9’ 8” b’sprit) x 27’ 6”x 11’x 5’ and strongly built of chengai. If you are not familiar with chengai it’s like teak only tougher and very resistant to all forms of rot and marine borers. The hull is carvel planked with 1 1/4” timber copper riveted to 2 1/4” x 1 1/4” frames. All chengai. The deck is 1 1/4” laid chengai

There is a 4770 lb iron keel with stainless steel bolts. She was built in Port Kelang, Malaysia in 1973/74

Topside,“Kingfisher” is the essence of tradition from her wooden masts, to the belaying pins, to the baggy wrinkle in the shrouds.

Down below the oil lamps and varnished wood will transport you to a different century.

It is generally considered that the Colin Archer rescue ships represented a landmark in the design of seaworthy boats. Archer built these vessels in Norway from about 1893 but they were typically 50’ plus and not easily sailed short handed. Scaled down versions of designs often don’t work but William Aitkin got it right when he designed the Eric class. He came up with an easily sailed 32’ boat with all the legendary and desirable sea keeping qualities of the original Colin Archers.

Kingfisher of Baltiza” is available for hire - as a location, as a venue for meetings, or perhaps you would like to film your own circumnavigation.


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