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So Who is the Dive Contractor and what does he do?

Every diving operation taking place in UK waters must have a diving contractor in charge of it.
This is the law. Once a diving contractor has been engaged by the client it is the contractor who is responsible for the safe and legal running of the diving operation.
Richard Bull Oceanaire Diving services Ltd is registered with the Health and Safety Executive as a diving contractor and is a contractor approved by the BBC, BSKYB and ITV PLC.

There are 2 simple objectives

  • Make it safe
  • Get the film made

One without the other simply cannot be an option!

The Diving Supervisor

The Diving Supervisor is responsible for the safe on-site running of the diving operation. UK law requires that every diving operation in UK waters has a supervisor. Our supervisors liaise closely with the directors, producers, and first A.D's so that diving assists the film making rather than getting in the way. We have supervised the diving on a wide range of projects from 'Amazon Abyss' to 'The Human Body' to 'Casualty'.

Camera Operators

Ask us if you do not already have an underwater camera operator. We can recommend somebody whose experience will be suited to the job in hand.

Dive Teams

UK Law requires that a team of three or more divers work together. The actual number will depend on the conditions and circumstances of the dive, but the team will be built around a basic unit of diver, supervisor and standby diver. We can advise on what exactly is required for the project in hand and provide a team accordingly

A plan and briefing for a days filming on Amazon Abyss

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